Summer 2024:

Bible Study for Blue Ridge High : June 19th: 7:00-8:30

Bible Study for Blue Ridge Middle & Blue Ridge High : June 26th: 7:00-8:30


Our midweek ministry is the heartbeat of Blue Ridge Students. Our goal is to create an experience for middle & high school students that meets throughout the year. We strive to create and foster an environment where students can feel comfortable coming as they are, and to make knowing Jesus easy and accessible. We hope to be a place where you can come hang out, have fun, and grow in your faith. We hope to provide a space that will help students build a community and develop meaningful relationships with people and Jesus that will last! We have two different midweek experiences for students, one for 6th-8th graders, and one for 9th-12th. 

Starting back September 2024:

Blue Ridge Middle : 6:00-7:30 PM

Blue Ridge High : 7:45-9:15 PM

*If you'd like emails about our High School Midweek program, fill out this form

*If you'd like emails about our Middle School Midweek program, fill out this form.


Blue Ridge Middle School is offered on Sunday mornings during each of our three service times: 8:30 am // 9:45 am // 11:00 am. We provide a safe and fun space for middle schoolers to hear about Jesus, explore their faith, and bring their friends. They can expect to hangout together before watching a relevant teaching video that we discuss. We encourage high school students to attend the adult service on Sundays, and come to midweek on Wednesdays!


What you can expect:

Every student who attends one of our events on a Wednesday or comes to hang on Sunday mornings is greeted by awesome volunteers who love serving students. If it is your first visit, that’s awesome! We will ask you to give us a little information about yourself and how to get in touch with you.

If you have any questions or want to serve with our middle or high schoolerscontact Kristen here.