• Scott obenchain | Lead Pastor

    Fun fact. Scott could have actually been a farmer, auto mechanic, electrician, or a handyman. He's also known as boat captain to his family and dog.

    Cats or Dogs? "Do I even need to answer this question? Dogs!"

    Favorite Hobby? Home projects

  • Cody Miller | Groups Pastor

    No one knows why Cody decided to leave a great church and community in Texas to come join this rag tag group. He came with his awesome wife and two cute kids.

    Cats or Dogs? "Any dog under 50 pounds is a cat, and cats are useless.” Ron Swanson

    Favorite Hobby? Camping

  • Justin noonkester | Worship Pastor

    Justin. When he's not chasing 4 kids around or singing out loud, he's fixing up a house to bring it back to life or enjoying life out on the lake.

    Cats or Dogs? Dogs!

    Favorite Hobby? Deer hunting

  • Kristen Crocker | STUDENT Ministry

    Kristen is never actually in town; usually traveling the world or conversing with penguins. But when she is here, she can be found at your local Starbucks.

    Cats or Dogs? All the dogs.

    Favorite Hobby? Travel, reading, and being with family & friends!


    Carter is the king of all things fun and good in this world. He will out smile you and out laugh you 7 days out of the week. He loves all things soccer & can usually be found at a restaurant with two of his best buddies.

    Cats or Dogs? Dogs by 1,000.

    Favorite Hobby? Spending time with friends and family & going to the beach!


    Known as "Kimi" to many, when she's not hanging out with Blue Ridge Kids or enjoying life on the farm, she's probably found encouraging someone and telling them she loves them oodles and oodles of *insert their favorite thing* noodles. 

    Cats or Dogs?  Dogs

    Favorite Hobby? Books & walks


    Paul's laugh is the best one on the church team. He's the butt of all hair jokes and when he's not making sure technology is working properly, he might be on the ice rink playing hockey.

    Cats or Dogs? Dogs

    Favorite Hobby? Ice hockey