Romans 10:14 -  But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?


Over 180,000 people call the New River Valley Home. 60-70% of those people do not go to church anywhere. For 13 and a half years, together, we have helped people find and follow Jesus, and God is still using us today!


Advancing the Vision is a campaign to raise money to continue the work God started in our Church in 2010. The Advancing the Vision Campaign will allow us to expand our current parking facilities from 230 spaces to 382 spaces on our two acres of land behind the facility. We will also remodel our existing bathrooms and build a new entrance to the building to welcome the people God continues to send.


Why do we need more parking?  Over 3,000 people call Blue Ridge Church home. Just about every Sunday we run out of parking in at least one of our services and have to utilize other people's property to temporarily park our attenders and guests. Advancing the Vision will add roughly 155 more spaces on the two acres of property behind the building allowing us to increase our parking capabilities by 67%.


Why do we need to remodel the bathrooms?  The bathrooms that hundreds of people use each Sunday are the original bathrooms and are tired, worn, and at the end of their useful life.


How will we get into the building when the new parking lot is open? We will add a new entrance in the center of the rear of the building and build out additional space for our Middle School students. The new entrance will lead right into the lobby of the building.


How did we obtain the land in the back of the building? God used the previous owner of the property in a mighty way. He saw our need and wanted to be a part of what God was doing at Blue Ridge Church. He graciously donated the two acres to our church while continuing to support the ministries of his church!


It looks like a lot of work has already been completed on the land. How did that happen? While the current owner was preparing the remaining land around the building, he donated all of the site work, grading work, and the storm water management plan for our two acres. He too believes in what God is doing through us and generously played a huge part in our future.


How much do we need to raise in the Advancing the Vision campaign? We need approximately $1,200,000 to remodel the back of the building and create a new entrance, pave and light a new 155 space parking lot, add stairs from the parking lot to the building, and build out a new Middle School space since we are going to utilize some of their current space. We will also remodel our existing bathrooms while adding two new family bathrooms. We have already paid for all of the architectural and engineering services to get us to this point.


When will the construction be complete?  While there are a lot of things that we cannot control during construction, we hope to be complete by Fall of this year.


How will this affect us on Sundays?  Construction and remodeling is always a challenge. Add on top of that 1,500+ people attending in person each Sunday, and we will have some challenges, but as long as we remain flexible, disruption should be minimal. The contractors will understand the importance of having the building usable each Sunday and will work with us to minimize any inconvenience to you and our guests!

How much do we owe on the building?  
We purchased our current facility in 2017 for $2,058,000 plus we spent approximately $450,000 to build it out.  Because of you, we have been able to pay off over 1.8 million dollars in six short years! Our goal is to have the remaining $700,000 paid off by 2027. Our goal is for Advancing the Vision to be debt free.


How is this different from my normal giving? Our regular weekly giving supports all of the regular ministry of our church in our community and beyond. Advancing the Vision giving is over and above our normal giving and is solely allocated to these projects.


How long is the campaign?  We are asking for everyone to pray about giving a one-time kickoff gift to get us started, and either a 12 month or 24 month commitment.


How do I know how much to give?  Pray. Ask God to open your heart and He will direct you. If you have family, talk to each other about the importance of generosity and what God is doing. God has called us to reach the New River Valley and He will direct each of us. It's not about equal gifts, but rather equal sacrifices to help others hear about Jesus.


How can I give? You can start by filling out a commitment card in person or on the Church Center App. To give, go to and select Advancing the Vision. You can also give online through the Church Center app, drop a gift in one of the black boxes in the building, or mail it to: Blue Ridge Church, PO Box 221 Christiansburg, VA 24068.


How long is the Advancing the Vision campaign?  We ask that you give a one-time gift on Sunday April 28th and/or make a 12 or 24 month commitment.


What if we exceed our goal?  God gets all the credit! We will put any monies over and above our goal to the remaining debt on the building. Together we are building a great church that future generations will cherish. Someone invested in us, and now we are investing in those yet to come!


What if I still have questions? We will have Q&A sessions at the church on March 17th, March 24th, and April 7th. All Q&A sessions will begin after the 11:00 service.


It is nothing short of miraculous what God has already done to prepare us for our next step. He gave us the land, he gave us the site work, He gave us the people. Please thank God for what He has done and how He has allowed each of us to be a part of what He is doing!