Interested in leading a group for the winter 2024 session beginning February 11th? Check out these ideas to get some inspiration or start a group that you are passionate about:

Know Group ideas (Activity group)
1. Walks on The Huckleberry Trail - great for anybody, especially
families with kids & pets.
2. Exercising Groups - workout together in the mornings!
3. Biking - over 50 trails to pick from on
4. Hiking Trails - go hiking together.
5. Basketball Watch Party - small gatherings at a house or local Bar
& Grill.
6. Gamer Group - love playing video games? Start a group and invite
other gamers at Blue Ridge to play together.
7. Dinner Parties - each household in the group takes turns hosting
8. Paint Nights.
9. Netflix Binge Group - pick a new show every month or week (again,
no judgement!) and binge every episode together as a group. Once everyone
is finished, get together for dinner and talk about it!
10. The Chosen Group - gather some friends and watch The Chosen
11. Support Local - get a group together that eats out at a different
locally-owned restaurant each week.
12. Photography - get a group of fellow photographer hobbyists and have
fun snapping photos around town together.
13. Children’s Museum - get a group of other parents and pick a day of
the week to meet at the Children’s Museum in the NRV Mall.

Go Group ideas (Serving group)
1. Food Drives - you can do it virtually or in person for any local organization.
2. Handyman Groups - start a group of people who are good at fixing stuff. People are in need of this kind of stuff all the time!
3. Valley Cleanup Group - pick a different public outdoor space for each gathering and clean up any trash left behind (Montgomery County Parks and Recreation is a great source for ideas).
4. Teacher Appreciation Group - This group could do something nice for local teachers on a regular basis (write letters, give gifts, offer help, pay for lunch, etc).
5. Chow Drive - a group that organizes a food and toy drive for local animal shelters.
6. Neighborhood Group - partner with another family in your neighborhood and have a soup night in the front yard for your neighbors. Have ice cream when it’s warm. Make s’mores over a fire pit when it’s cold.

Grow Group ideas (Study group)
1. Follow the Passage Group - by far our most accessible Grow Group
to participate in and lead; gather some friends to discuss the passage that
was taught on Sunday. Ask Cody for a quick run-through of the Group
Discussion Guide to get started.
2. Bible Studies - either in-person or virtual. Need help getting
started? Just ask!
3. Reading Groups - this can be as simple as reading any book
together by a certain date and then getting coffee or dinner at the end to
talk about it (or do it virtually).
4. Video Study Series - there are hundreds of different Bible-based
video studies out there from some of the best teachers in the world. If you
found one you like, let us know, and form a group to unpack it!